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P. 6

link without images; easier to downloadEverything You Need To Know About La Virgen De Guadalupe no pix

Period 6

Everything You Need To Know About La Virgen De Guadalupe

Read the article. Make a list of all the words you don’t know and look up the meaning of each. Write the definition next to the word. Look up Tonantzin and find out why it should be part of this article. Explain why it should be included in an article about La Virgen de Guadalupe. If you have time, color the picture according to instructions given on a website which explains the colors the picture should be, or find the image of the tilma which is in the Basilica in Mexico City. Learn the song “Las Mananitas” by looking up the lyrics online. Explain why this song is sung on December 12 every year.

Clase divertida para sus hermanitos

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Cuentitos para la clase avanzada – Spanish 7-8

Lunes y martes, 2 y 3 de noviembre

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I have uploaded the lesson plan for Monday and Tuesday, November 2 and 3.

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Lunes 2 de noviembre   (this is the same plan for martes, 3 de noviembre.)

Your READING LOG is due November 2 or 3.

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Great examples of Reading Logs

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